A communications firm specializing in the real estate industry.

Scottsdale, Arizona.




Directing Communications Strategies and

Building Relationships

to Advance Your Business.



  • Media Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Issues Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Financial Communications

What We Can Do For You


At Master Planned Communications, we believe it's our job to gain a thorough understanding of your business and its short-term and long-term objectives. Only then can we develop the appropriate strategies and tactics to help you achieve your business goals.

Once we understand your business, we will develop a plan, timeline and budget that will delineate how our services will help you reach your business objectives. The goals and objectives within this plan will be reviewed with you, refined if necessary, and then executed by Martha and her strategic partners.


We know that our success is built upon your success, and we are committed to delivering tangible results to help your business succeed.

  • Media Relations is used to gain positive coverage of a company's products or services or to position it as a successful company and as a responsible corporate citizen. This is accomplished through news releases and feature stories, relationship building with key media professionals, interview preparation and spokesperson training.


  • Community Relations is used to build strong relationships between a company and influential groups resulting in awareness, advocacy and support for its business initiatives. This is accomplished through image campaigns, community support strategies and networked communications plans.


  • Issues Management is used to pro-actively protect and enhance a company's image and reputation which is one of its most valuable assets. This is accomplished though the use of crisis audits and planning and internal issue awareness programs.


  • Crisis Communication is typically a reactive method of managing unexpected developments. How a company manages crisis conditions can enhance or damage its reputation. Success relies on immediate and intense planning, timely and truthful communication with key stakeholders and strong leadership.


  • Internal Communication is used to inform a company's workforce about the condition of its business and educate employees about key initiatives and the company's products and services. This is accomplished through executive communication programs, newsletters, web-based communication and other employee engagement strategies.


  • Other Services include special event production, copywriting and video production, business referral program development, community introductions, media tours and familiarization trips, and employee engagement strategies.